Test performance for babies

We are welcoming just over 10 babies and their adult(s) into this “test” performance. We invite you and your baby to watch a choreography by Julianne Chapple and Max Chadburn. This piece, called ‘No More Fantasies’, was not conceived specifically for babies but has elements that could be promising for this age group. We’d like to mesure attention, what babies are interested in, what they are not interested in.

Date February 15 2019,

Time: 1-1:45pm (We should all be done by 1:45pm, at the latest.)

Location: Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver

We’re looking for pre-walking babies, in the 6-12 month range. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/test-performance-for-sitting-babies-6-12-months-approx-tickets-56050843582

We will be in Room B of the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre

We will be filming the babies reactions – but this video will not be shared publicly, it is only for Foolish Operation’s creative research purpose. Documentation may be shared with funding bodies such as the BC Arts Council, for grants purposes. Caregivers will be required to sign a documentation waver.

It’s ok to come with a sleeping baby, she/he might wake up during the performance, or not 😉 It’s ok to have your baby make noise,  move around, wiggle, etc. It’s ok to nurse, bottle feed your baby or have them drink water, however, snacks should be offered before or after.

Thank you for registering. This event is free thanks to the participation of the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre, and the funding provided by the Cultural Office of the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia.