Paper Playground FAQ about age restrictions

FAQ: Can I bring a child under or over the recommended age?

Artist Julie Lebel responds:
Younger or older siblings of the participant’s recommended age are welcomed. Paper Playground is an interactive performance inviting children in the performance area throughout the performance. The invitations are often irresistible – drawing on the paper carpet, moving, etc…

Before the performance, artists meet the audience in small groups. On occasions, balancing a number of factors, parents / caregivers of children outside the recommended age range may be asked to keep a child close to them during the performance.

If you would like to come with a single child slightly younger than the recommended age, consider if the child is generally comfortable with older children.

FAQ: Why this separation of ages?
The artists designed this experience with developmental learning considerations. Children under two are developing their locomotion skills and are busy learning with their senses. Children between 3 and 5 are fast and agile and can get very involved in a task and they don’t always look around for shorter people before moving.