Yarn-Around was an Artist in Communities project at the Roundhouse Community Centre from January to August 2017. Wit community members, we explored the intersection of dance, yarn and collective narratives all over the Roundhouse community centre. This curious project had all ages investigate, play and move using brightly coloured yarn to animate railings, chairs, shrubs, and landscape architecture.  Community members had opportunities to create, invent and share impromptu performances in ways that were surprising and delighting as a participant and audience member.

This artist in community project was led by Foolish Operations in collaboration with  artists Julie Lebel, Carolina BergonzoniDiane Park and Peggy Leung.

Photo Credit: Durga Jane Rajah

A blog is dedicated to the documentation of this project and can be found here: https://yarnaround.wordpress.com/

The Artists in Communities Program is based on principles of community cultural development and is funded by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation in partnership with Community Centre Associations. Its purpose is to support artists working with communities on issues of joint interest or concern.

Yarn-Around was supported by The Roundhouse Community Association and the Vancouver Park Board.