Drawing Requests – Week2

Hello Everyone!

We hope all of you are faring well during this time of new public health restrictions. While staying close to home and getting cozy with your favourite blanket, we have some new activities to engage with if you are curious.

Pictures of your Doodle Birds have been rolling in and they are so inspiring! The one above is a collaboration between Sarah and Odessa.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted work. If you didn’t have a chance to draw, it’s not too late! You are welcome to do the Week 1 Doodle Bird activity or participate in our new Week 2 activity. Please note that for Week 2 you will need access to a printer. What’s extra exciting for this week is that we will be collaborating digitally with other Dancing the Parenting participants! 

Please join us for this quick and fun art activity!

Week 2 Project: Collaborative Doodle Bird 

What you’ll need:

    • Blank paper
    • Drawing tools: crayons, pencils, markers
    • Scanner/ Digital camera (phone or other)
    • Printer

If you don’t have a printer at home, please participate with more Family Doodle birds from the Week 1 project.


  1. Draw a line doodle 
    1. Scan or take a picture of your line doodle
    2. Draw and take pictures of as many individual doodles as you want!
    3. Email your doodles to foolishoperations@gmail.com
  • Receive another family’s line doodle via email 🙂
  1. Print the line doodle
  2. Turn this line doodle into a bird. Add some wings, a beak, legs… Have fun, there’s no wrong way to do it!
  3. Take a picture of your Collaborative Doodle Bird
  4. Share your multi-family creation by emailing it to foolishoperations@gmail.com


We will send you a link to the online gallery to see what became of your initial doodles. See all the creations that have been submitted. Please make sure to send in your 2nd week projects by Sunday November 29th.

Julie and Sarah and the whole team of artists involved in Dancing the Parenting and Moving-Resting-Nesting project.