2020 Moberly Residence

This last fall, I spent a lot of time imagining how we could find safe ways to meet as artists to develop our new work Moving-Resting-Nesting. Setting a schedule amidst constant and tighter health restrictions was challenging but I did not want to cancel – there have been so many cancellations for artists. I wanted to find ways for us to proceed in a safe way. And we did!

We had access to Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre for 2 weeks (Nov 23 to Dec 5). We worked mostly online – through Zoom, and populated a Trello board with loads of ideas.

During week 2, we were able to host in-person rehearsals outside, as the weather got significantly better. AHH! working in person is the best. Now, we miss working with the children but it will come…

We loved learning about bird anatomy with Isabelle Kirouac and how it translates to human anatomy. We loved our discussions with Cathy Stubington of Runway Moon Theatre.

We had a guest showing on zoom on December 5 and tried activities with families and presented a few videos we made during the residency. As you see in this video, we did a lot of blanket dancing. Blankets are a fascinating props to dance with – we love them for the tactile stimulation, weight, colours, resistance… And! they make a perfect nest.

Most importantly, we came together across disciplines – dance, music, theatre, visual arts – to create a dynamic team for the creation of this new performance.

We are very grateful for the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts that allowed this work time together as well as for Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre and the Vancouver Park Board for hosting us.

Photos Credits: Sophie Brassard