Walk with Carmen Rosen and birds

I had the wonderful opportunity to go for a walk with Carmen Rosen, founder and artistic director of Still Moon Arts Society.

I hope you will enjoy our discussion, recorded early February 2021. Please excuse my muffled voice, we had to keep our masks on! We met a few birds along the way too and we were able to capture some birdsongs.


This sounds walk was edited by our project’s composer Matthew Ariaratnam with him playing moments of beautiful guitar inserted here and there. The document is about 30 minutes.

This walk support our Moving Resting Nesting creative research. We originally wanted to simply invite Carmen for a workshop, but due to Covid-19, we opted for this recorded walk format, so that all artists in the team could access the conversation. We decided to share it more widely, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

Isabelle Kirouac, collaborator of Moving Resting Nesting, invited me to connect with Carmen early in our process. Isabelle has worked closely with Still Moon Arts on many initiatives, including the project “Birds on Parade”. in 2018. It was a massive and inspiring community engaged project coalescing towards the International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver, BC, on August 20, 2018.

Carmen Rosen is a visual artist, singer, and interdisciplinary performer. She has a long history of initiating art projects and creative community integrated projects.

Still Moon Arts Society’s mission is to inspire vibrant and connected communities by creating art and nurturing a passion for nature. Through Still Moon and in collaboration with many community partners, she creates the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival, and other projects and special events shedding light on Renfrew Ravine, Still Creek, salmon in the city, and the community’s creative capacity.