Moberly Story Walk

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In February and March, we hosted our Moving Resting Nesting ‘Story Walk’, a self-guided music and movement outdoor activity! It was wonderful to be able to safely meet and play with families and young children.

In this edition, we focussed on the interactive elements of the project. In the next phases we will overlay the performance elements alongside the interactive Story Walk.

Thanks to the South Vancouver Neighborhood House, the Walter Moberly StrongStart group and our Dancing the Parenting families for joining us in this project and thank you to the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre for hosting us. Thanks to the Langara Recreation Program that allowed us to have student Indigo Grant participate in the realization of this project.

This project was made possible by our wonderful Moving Resting Nesting team: Xin Xuan Song, Indigo Grant, Robin Lough, Sarah Dixon, Cherry Lu, Caroline Liffmann, Isabelle Kirouac, Sarah Gallos, Sophie Brassard, Matthew Ariaratnam, Tara Rajah, Kimira Reddy.

This project was made possible with the financial support of the Canadian Red Cross and also benefited from the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Vancouver, and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

“The highlight was the little nest / tree area with the bird songs. My kids thought it was super magical. They are still listening for bird songs and repeating them when they hear them now when we go for walks.”

“The highlights were the bird nests, observing birds flying and singing, connecting our body with nature.”

Photo Credit: Riz Herboza