Foolish Operations at the Port Coquitlam Community Centre Opening

Foolish Operations celebrates Port Coquitlam’s Community Centre Opening on October 2nd 2021 with many activities! Here is our schedule, all activities are free, some recommend pre-registration.

Location: 2150 Wilson Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6J5

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Exploring Dance with blankets as families

12:15-1pm in the Dance Studio (next to the gym)

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This workshop invited families with children 3-7yrs old to explore movement using a blanket to dance together. This workshop is inspired by the world of birds. Based on principles of creative dance, participants propose their own movement choices. Parents are invited to follow the lead of their children’s movement choices.

Sparrow Song for Cello and Flute

1:30pm and 2pm in the lobby

Tara Rajah (cello) and Sabrina Mo (flute) will perform the Sparrow Song, composed by Matthew Ariaratnam for Foolish Operations’ project Moving Resting Nesting.

Environmental Vibrations

3:20pm, at the entrance of the community centre

Environmental Vibrations is a child-friendly performance project that explores the human connection with nature. It features dancer Kira Radosevic moving to Tara Rajah’s improvisations on the cello followed by a family friendly visual art workshop. This project explores the idea of home. It relates the idea of the global movement of peoples to that of the migration of birds and encourages participants to reflect on the environment they call home through dance and music.

Tara Rajah was mentoring with Foolish Operations’ artists throughout the summer. We are excited to see this project coming to fruition!

Link to Culture Days website, for more information

Watercolour Birds Postcard Making Workshop

4-4:45pm in JB Young Room, mixed ages, starting at 3 years old, children 3-12 yrs with their adults.

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Send A Postcard Home! This workshop invites families and groups of friends to create a postcard and send it to any place that they consider home. They can send it to themselves in BC or to a friend or relative in another place that they consider home.

The postcard will be made using a fun watercolour technique involving water inks, pens and crayons to make pictures of birds. Using a large map, the artists will keep a record of all of the places the postcards have ‘flown to’ by marking the location on the map. During the workshop, we hope to share stories of home. The creator of this workshop is a musician, so you may be hearing some cello music during the workshop too!

A “mailbox” will be available for people to put their postcards in if they are okay with us sending them off on their behalf. Participants may also choose to mail the postcard themselves, or take it home with them.

This workshop is designed by Tara Rajah, musician and performer with Foolish Operations since 2016 with the support of Cherry (Wen Wen) Lu, using a bird making watercolour process developed by Cherry with Robin Lough. The workshop is also facilitated by Sarah Dixon, with the support of Kira Radosevic, Julie Lebel and Sarah Gallos.

This presentation is supported through Port Coquitlam’s community Cultural Development Investment Program. We are very grateful for the support!

Photos by Riz Herboza and Julie Lebel