Tara Rajah’s mentorship with Foolish Operations

The following paragraphs were written by longtime Foolish Operations collaborator Tara Rajah about her mentorship with Julie Lebel and other members of FO!

My mentorship has been such a fun journey! Julie Lebel and the Foolish Operations team have really helped me develop my project. Environmental Vibrations has been developed as an independent  component within the ongoing Foolish Operations work called Moving, Resting, Nesting. The Environmental Vibrations theme of human migration is integrated into the subjects of birds, movement and home of the Foolish Operations project.

I have performed in the recent Moving Resting and Nesting series which was part of the Surrey Civic Theatre’s Summer Pop festival. This series of performances not only allowed me to gain insight on how to develop my project but also really helped me connect with the Foolish Operations community again and the general public. My collaborator, dancer Kira Radosevic has also been part of this mentorship journey and it’s been a fantastic experience working and learning together with her. Julie has given us advice on how to work out a dance and music score. We have also been mentored by other musicians, composers and dancers on the Foolish Operation team on aspects of dramaturgy, composition, improvisation, performance and audience interaction for the piece.

Through this mentorship, I have been able to learn about the technical aspects of logistics and timetabling. I was able to meet with the Arts & Culture Coordinator at the City of Port Coquitlam where Environmental Vibrations will take place and was guided through discussion about organizing my event. Meeting with the administrators of Port Coquitlam and doing a site visit was important and I learnt about what goes behind the scenes of every community engaged performance. Creating work together and communicating with all these artists and organizers has been a most rewarding experience. I am excited to continue this mentorship with Julie and Foolish Operations and present this work October 2nd at the new Port Coquitlam community centre opening!

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