Blanket Dancing Illustrations by Cherry Lu

This week we held our last Dancing the Parenting session for the season. It was lovely after two years of online practice to meet in person for an outdoor session at our new fieldhouse at Jonathan Rogers park! 

During the past two years, we have been exploring dancing with blankets in our Dancing the Parenting practice. Blankets were a readily available prop everyone had access to at home. We loved its sensory aspect and the power it held as a tool to build connection, bringing parent and child closer together and away from the screen. Blankets became clouds, snakes, magic carpets, nests, cocoons, hiding places, sushi rolls, eggs and wings. 

In May 2022, we invited Cherry Lu – our illustrator for Moving Resting Nesting – to come observe a session and draw a family blanket dancing lexicon. She made these beautiful illustrations that we are so excited to share with you! 

Stay posted to see more of these amazing illustrations, and for the registration for Dancing the Parenting 2022-2023 opening soon!

Dancing the Parenting benefits from the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Vancouver Parks Board and the City of Vancouver Cultural  Services.