Foolish Operations’ Atelier

Photo Credits : Anna Lamontagne

In November 2021, we were offered a workspace at Jonathan Rogers Park for one year. And in December 2022, we were accepted in the fabulous Vancouver Park Board Fieldhouse Activation Program with access to the fieldhouse at Riley Park until 2025. We affectionately call the fieldhouse Foolish Operations’ Atelier!

By definition, in French, “Atelier” means: artist studio, artist workshop, a place to craft and work with materials.  

It is true, artists have been working at our Atelier ! Lamont worked on the sewing machine, and we now have a third dance mat for our outdoor activities. Ray repaired costumes and re-finished our big scarves/blankets we use in our Dancing Storytime workshops. Sarah worked on our Moving Resting nesting book, in collaboration with Wen Wen Lu.

We have used these materials in workshops with family drop-in programs in the summer of 2023 in collaboration with the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House.