Moving Resting Nesting : in the pages of a book!

Foolish Operations made a book inspired by their performance Moving Resting Nesting!

We had been dancing books and stories in our workshops already, and so we had the desire to create a book specifically tailored to our expansive vision for dance. We are interested in finding new formats to make dance accessible in all kinds of settings and we know that children’s literacy is tied to attachment theory and movement. 

The book is the result of a collaboration between our artistic director Julie Lebel, our performer Sarah Gallos and our beloved illustrator Cherry Lu. It is informed by work on songs and text in the Moving Resting Nesting performance and would not have been possible without the involvement of all the artists in the creative process of the performance, including the families and mentors who have supported the process. It is fun, poetic, colorful and filled with little wonders ! 

The intent was to make a book very close to the Moving Resting Nesting performance, or “to offer an opportunity for those interacting with the book to feel similarly to how they might feel watching the performance” writes Sarah, including witnessing the colors. “ The experience of color is so personal and hard to describe with words”, writes Cherry Lu. “ It struck me how visceral colors can be and the power it holds in our memory. During part of the process, Julie and Sarah sent me a photo of Julie’s hometown sunset as aid. I am glad we were able to capture the right colors in the end.” 

We look forward to offering the book in our upcoming workshops and performances! 

It is not yet available for distribution or purchase but if you are interested, please email us! (available in english only at the moment).