Yarn Around Workshop

Are you a knitter? Do you enjoy textiles?

At the end on May, Surrey SPARK Stages is presenting our project Tricoter, a performance celebrating knitting and textiles for babies, toddlers and their families! This performance is designed for a small audience (20 to 30 people) to recreate the community of a knitting circle, with soft music, dance and textile play.

For this performance, our team is inviting knitters, crocheters and textile artists to demonstrate their skills around the performance circle as the show is happening. In preparation for the performance, we’re inviting interested participants to the Yarn Around Workshop to see an excerpt of the performance and gain an understanding of how we perform with and for babies and toddlers.

WHAT: A workshop that includes sharing stories, cultural experiences and knowledge by creating connection across generations. Light hospitality and refreshments will be served.

WHEN: April 20th, 1-2:30pm

WHO: 4 to 10 participants, 55 yrs old +

WHERE: Surrey Arts Centre Program Room (13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC)

REGISTRATION: please contact Matthew DeSiena at Matthew.DeSiena@surrey.ca 

This workshop is the first step of a long-term project that will keep evolving during Fall 2023. We are hoping to reinforce our inter-generational vision by collaborating with the elderly!The second step is to register as a City of Surrey volunteer—this will be discussed further in the workshop.

For more information, please visit this page!