Moving Resting Nesting – May 2nd at Riley Park!

Dear Riley Park friends and families, a performance of Moving Resting Nesting is coming up! It’s FREE! We encourage you to register as soon as you can since spots are limited.

Set in a park under a tree, children and their adults cozy up in a nest to wonder about the world of birds and trees through dance, music, magical objects and illustrations. Blankets hold the secret to this performance – they transform into leaves, clouds and even birds. After each performance, families are invited to move and play.

Best for children 3-8yrs, siblings always welcomed. Families sit together on mats near the action!

REGISTRATION: Fill this form !

DATE: May 2nd 2024

TIME: 11am

LOCATION: Riley Park, Vancouver. Near the Riley Park fieldhouse

You might also notice us rehearsing on April 25! Come and say hi!

Accessibility notes:

  • Seating is on mats around the performance area, with children and caregivers together. Chairs are available if needed.
  • Children are invited to move and make sounds during the performance.
  • You can exit and re-enter as needed
  • Photography and video: please limit to your own family and consider having your hands available – you will need them for the show
  • Water ok, milk for babies is ok, but please keep snacks for after the performance.