2024 Tricoter Tour in Alberta and Manitoba

Our team will head to Alberta and Manitoba to perform Tricoter!

Picture by Liane Thériault

“Tricoter” re-creates the spirit of a knitting circle. The dance winds and unwinds through and around the public who are arranged in the round.

Yarn is integrated into the choreography and weaves an architecture that links public and place to the dancer. While dancing, the yarn gets tangled in a large knot of bright colours and memories of knitting from our family history re-emerge. We experience Tricoter through play, curiosity, and  the joy of belonging to a community.

International Children Festival of the Arts in St Albert’s

A total of 8 performances !
Between May 30th and June 2nd
/ Location : Forsyth Hall (St. Albert Public Library), 5 St. Anne Street
St. Albert AB T8N 3Z9.

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Winnipeg KidsFest  

A total of 8 performances !
Between June 5th and 9th
/ Location : Manitoba Theater for Young People in Winnipeg, 2 Forks Market Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4X1

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