Communicable Disease Plan

Created using The Actsafe template of July 2021 with minor changes to reflect the fact that we do not operate a venue. Actsafe is a not-for-profit health and safety association supporting British Columbia’s arts and entertainment industries. We are grateful for this template. To learn about Actsafe, information can be found at

This communicable disease plan has been developed because the Foolish Operations Society recognizes the responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our own workers and others who are present at our worksite(s). This responsibility is stated in the Workers Compensation Act (WCA) Section 21. The WCA also enables the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR) which outlines further legal requirements.

Communicable diseases are illnesses caused by an infectious agent or its toxins that occur through direct or indirect transmission from an infected individual. We are most concerned about those that circulate in the community from time to time because of our interaction with each other, and the public. Some examples of communicable diseases are COVID-19, norovirus, and influenza.

Foolish Operations Society is taking the following general measures to reduce risks to workers related to communicable diseases:

We will review, discuss and agree on the communicable disease plan during our planning discussions with the organizations and venues who host our activities.

We will continue to inform the artists, staff, volunteers and participants who attend our activities to follow the protocols of organizations and sites who host and present our activities.We provide support to artists and staff members who have symptoms consistent with a communicable disease, through programs such as: work from home opportunities or rescheduling.

We ensure, to the best of our ability, that artists, staff, volunteers and participants with symptoms consistent with a communicable disease are not present at the worksite.

The sites we work in provide hand-hygiene facilities that are kept clean, are readily available, and are maintained. Furthermore, we promote appropriate personal hygiene practices.

We maintain a clean environment through regular general and spot cleaning that is appropriate for our activities and undertaken specifically to prevent communicable disease spread.

The sites we work in are well ventilated by a ventilation system in good working condition.
While being sensitive to privacy concerns, individual choice, and/or ability to receive a vaccination for various vaccine-preventable illnesses, Foolish Operations Society will support those who wish to receive them and those who do not.

We commit to monitoring information from the Public Health Officer, BC Centre for Disease Control and/or our health region for new or emergent communicable diseases of concern. Specifically, we will rely on their guidance, notices or orders and what steps are to be taken and, as much as possible, be ready to implement or maintain measures as advised or directed by public health or WorkSafeBC.