Summer Student Position: remote

Job Posting: Summer Student: Coordination assistant (remote work – from home)

  •   Program stream: Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages
  •   Job title: Coordination assistant (remote work – from home)
  •   Organization name: Foolish Operations Society
  •   Job Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  •   Duration of employment: 2021-06-07 to 2021-09-10 (13.57 weeks)
  •   Hourly wage: $ 20.00
  •   30hrs/week

The vision of Foolish Operations is that of people of all generations discovering and creating new dance experiences together.Our mandate is to create contemporary dance experiences with and for audiences of all ages with a specific focus on creation by and with babies, and preschoolers. The candidate will be bilingual (FR/EN) and work closely with the artistic director and communication and program assistants to assist in the coordination of our summer and annual productions, the organization and management of documentation, communications to partners, etc. Also, the assistant will work on managing our contacts and identifying new community partners and designing surveys and statistical reports and testimonials.

The ideal candidate is a college or university student in dance, music, theatre, visual arts or film. The work will be entirely remote (zoom, etc.) and the student will have to provide their own computer and internet access. The candidate will be required to perform a criminal background check. Finally, we are looking for a candidate with strong communication skills and teamwork and very fluid with computer programs.

We would like to work with a student of the Canadian Francophonie from any province. We especially invite applicants from Indigenous communities, members of visible minorities and people living with a disability.

Please visit for more information.
The deadline to apply is May 7, 2021.
Sign-up to Young Canada Works to apply:

Moberly Story Walk

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In February and March, we hosted our Moving Resting Nesting ‘Story Walk’, a self-guided music and movement outdoor activity! It was wonderful to be able to safely meet and play with families and young children.

In this edition, we focussed on the interactive elements of the project. In the next phases we will overlay the performance elements alongside the interactive Story Walk.

Thanks to the South Vancouver Neighborhood House, the Walter Moberly StrongStart group and our Dancing the Parenting families for joining us in this project and thank you to the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre for hosting us. Thanks to the Langara Recreation Program that allowed us to have student Indigo Grant participate in the realization of this project.

This project was made possible by our wonderful Moving Resting Nesting team: Xin Xuan Song, Indigo Grant, Robin Lough, Sarah Dixon, Cherry Lu, Caroline Liffmann, Isabelle Kirouac, Sarah Gallos, Sophie Brassard, Matthew Ariaratnam, Tara Rajah, Kimira Reddy.

This project was made possible with the financial support of the Canadian Red Cross and also benefited from the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Vancouver, and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

“The highlight was the little nest / tree area with the bird songs. My kids thought it was super magical. They are still listening for bird songs and repeating them when they hear them now when we go for walks.”

“The highlights were the bird nests, observing birds flying and singing, connecting our body with nature.”

Photo Credit: Riz Herboza

Pro-D: Early Years Dance April 12 & 15 2021

Foolish Operations offers two Early Years Dance Professional Dance Workshops April 12 and 15. One will be in French and one in English, all on zoom. It is open to Early Years Educators, artists and parents wanting to add more dance in their curriculum or life with small children.

Registration links and more details below:

April 12 2021 6:30-7:30 pm PST : Jeux de danse pour petite enfance – Focus: petits espaces et accessoires

April 15 6:30-7:30 pm PST: Dance Games for Small Children, Focus on Dancing Stories

($20 each + Eventbrite fees)

Professional development certificate available upon request.

Call for 3 Toronto based Dancers+Improvisers+Facilitators

Foolish Operations is a Vancouver based Dance company with a focus on creating new dance experience with and for small children and their adults. The company is in its 4th year of operation and led by Julie Lebel, a francophone choreographer, with more than 20 years of professional dance experience. 

Foolish Operations is hiring 3 artists for the remount of an existing work, Tricoter in Toronto. We are looking for: 

  • Experienced Dancers/Improvisers
  • Experience in facilitating community engaged workshops with public and/or experience in facilitating creative dance workshops with very young children (ie. 24mth olds and caregivers).
  • Comfortable performing outdoors in public and adapting to various surfaces (concrete, grass, etc.) with adapted movements including rolling and moving from high to low levels while avoiding high impacts on joints.
  • Tasks include: dancing with yarn, performing to live music + audience engagement/workshops.

Important dates to be available:

  1. week of April 10-18, 2021 (approx 36hrs of training and rehearsals via zoom)
  2. Performance Dates May 2021 TBC

Selected artists will be guaranteed one weekly fee of $950 for the training week. The performance fees are subject to future performance presentation contracts and will be discussed during an online interview.

It is considered an asset if you are bilingual (FR/EN). Foolish Operations is interested in applications from all backgrounds, ethnicities and contexts, including those who identify as BIPOC, artist-parents and/or LGBTQ+. Our family audiences are increasingly diverse and we are looking for performers in which they see themselves reflected in.

Please fill your application here:

If your preferred language is French, please fill this form:

Application deadline: March 14, 2021 midnight PST. 

* Only selected artists will be contacted and invited to an audition (via Zoom), which will take place between March 22 and 26.

Please use our contact form if you have some questions.

View Tricoter’s teaser video here:

Photo by Vanessa Fortin, Featuring dancer Liane Thériault.

Walk with Carmen Rosen and birds

I had the wonderful opportunity to go for a walk with Carmen Rosen, founder and artistic director of Still Moon Arts Society.

I hope you will enjoy our discussion, recorded early February 2021. Please excuse my muffled voice, we had to keep our masks on! We met a few birds along the way too and we were able to capture some birdsongs.

This sounds walk was edited by our project’s composer Matthew Ariaratnam with him playing moments of beautiful guitar inserted here and there. The document is about 30 minutes.

This walk support our Moving Resting Nesting creative research. We originally wanted to simply invite Carmen for a workshop, but due to Covid-19, we opted for this recorded walk format, so that all artists in the team could access the conversation. We decided to share it more widely, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

Isabelle Kirouac, collaborator of Moving Resting Nesting, invited me to connect with Carmen early in our process. Isabelle has worked closely with Still Moon Arts on many initiatives, including the project “Birds on Parade”. in 2018. It was a massive and inspiring community engaged project coalescing towards the International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver, BC, on August 20, 2018.

Carmen Rosen is a visual artist, singer, and interdisciplinary performer. She has a long history of initiating art projects and creative community integrated projects.

Still Moon Arts Society’s mission is to inspire vibrant and connected communities by creating art and nurturing a passion for nature. Through Still Moon and in collaboration with many community partners, she creates the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival, and other projects and special events shedding light on Renfrew Ravine, Still Creek, salmon in the city, and the community’s creative capacity.

2020 Moberly Residence

This last fall, I spent a lot of time imagining how we could find safe ways to meet as artists to develop our new work Moving-Resting-Nesting. Setting a schedule amidst constant and tighter health restrictions was challenging but I did not want to cancel – there have been so many cancellations for artists. I wanted to find ways for us to proceed in a safe way. And we did!

We had access to Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre for 2 weeks (Nov 23 to Dec 5). We worked mostly online – through Zoom, and populated a Trello board with loads of ideas.

During week 2, we were able to host in-person rehearsals outside, as the weather got significantly better. AHH! working in person is the best. Now, we miss working with the children but it will come…

We loved learning about bird anatomy with Isabelle Kirouac and how it translates to human anatomy. We loved our discussions with Cathy Stubington of Runway Moon Theatre.

We had a guest showing on zoom on December 5 and tried activities with families and presented a few videos we made during the residency. As you see in this video, we did a lot of blanket dancing. Blankets are a fascinating props to dance with – we love them for the tactile stimulation, weight, colours, resistance… And! they make a perfect nest.

Most importantly, we came together across disciplines – dance, music, theatre, visual arts – to create a dynamic team for the creation of this new performance.

We are very grateful for the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts that allowed this work time together as well as for Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre and the Vancouver Park Board for hosting us.

Photos Credits: Sophie Brassard

Job posting – Artistic Producer – Contract

Description and responsibilities
We are hiring a Producer for a part-time 10 week contract. The Producer will lead the design and delivery of our story-walk project, under the creative inquiry of Moving-resting and Nesting, a new work for and with very young children and their grownups, exploring the world of birds through dance, music and story. They will work in close collaboration with the Artistic Director, receive support of the Foolish Operations student intern and the communication and program assistants.
The Producer will coordinate the creation of all creative elements with the artistic team, including the deliverables timeline, outreach, training, schedule management, budget oversight, documentation, on-site support, volunteer management and reporting (statistics and testimonies). The collaborative artistic team includes visual artists, dancers, musicians and theatre artists (11). The successful candidate is a great project manager with at least three years of producing experience in dance theatre, circus or film.

The story-walk will be installed in the park surrounding Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre in South Vancouver for families to explore at their own time for 9 days between February 25 to March 17 (Mon, Wed, Thurs) from 10am to 2pm. If health authorities allow, we will present short live performances or facilitate interactive activities in the park while families are visiting the story-walk.

Covid-19 precautions
The candidate will work from home, using their personal computer and telephone. The schedule will be flexible. Foolish Operations has covid-19 protocols for artists and participants that are reviewed each time health authorities issue new orders.

We are looking for…
Our ideal candidate is organized, efficient and fun to work with. They have a producing track record and experience in working in community engaged contexts. Great communication and people management skills are a must with a demonstrated ability to manage multiple aspects of a project on time and on budget. Experience with all the google platforms (documents, sheets, forms, calendar), Asana,, etc required.

Applications from BIPOC applicants are encouraged, Foolish Operations is committed to attracting and retaining diverse teams who reflect the communities in which we live and work. Bilingual (French-English) candidates are always welcomed in our organization but it is not essential for this project.

Dates and Compensation:
This contract is for a 10 week period starting January 11 and ending March 19th 2021.

Due to Covid-19, and possible further restrictions imposed by health authorities, the project and contract might be paused and re-scheduled at a later date this spring or summer. However, we are taking all precautions to design this program to hold all health considerations in top priority for participants and the artistic team, while going forward with our schedule. If the project must be rescheduled, it will be in consideration of the candidate’s availability with a right of first refusal.

We are offering $30/h to a maximum budget of $2000 +gst.

To apply:
Please email Julie Lebel at with your resume and a letter explaining why you would be a great fit for this position and our organization.

Deadline: December 30th 2020.

We thank all candidates for applying, but we only have capacity to contact those selected for an interview.