Moving Resting Nesting – March 11th in Port Coquitlam

We’re visiting Port Coquitlam with our project Moving Resting Nesting !

Moving Resting Nesting will be presented at Michael Wright Art Gallery in Port Coquitlam on March 11 2023! We invite children between 3-7 years old and their adults to come see this! 

Children and their adults cosy up in a nest to wonder about the world of birds and trees through dance, music, magical objects and illustrations. Blankets hold the secret to this performance – they transform into leaves, clouds and even birds.

Moving Resting Nesting is Foolish Operations’ new immersive performance for young children and their adults. It is a commission of Surrey SPARK Stages in close collaboration with Marnie Perrin that premiered in May 2022 in Surrey.

The performance will be followed by a family  “stay and play”. Younger or older siblings welcomed.

Date : Saturday March 11th 2023

Time: 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Location : Michael Wright Gallery (#200-2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam)

Tickets: Free! Duration: 45 min

Registration (free, space limited)

1pm Registration Link

3pm Registration Link

Foolish Operations and this event is supported by Port Coquitlam Community Foundation, CCD Investment Program.

This project is possible thanks to the support of : Canada’s Council for the Arts, The Department of Canadian Heritage, Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique, City of Port Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam Community Foundation

And download our Participant Guide here !

A New Fieldhouse for Foolish Operations!

©Julie Lebel

The Foolish Operations’s team is moving!

After a year in Mount Pleasant at Jonathan Rogers Fieldhouse, we are thrilled to announce that we were offered in-kind access to the Riley Park Fieldhouse for the next three years!

The vision for Foolish Operations’s residency is to provide a home base for our creative work with and for children and all the generations of grown-ups in their circles of support. We dream of Riley Park as a centre to work from, offering activities directly in the park, in the neighborhood, and throughout the city, through our established partnerships and emerging connections.

Foolish Operations at Riley Park is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board’s Fieldhouse Activation Program which provides project space and access to parks to foster community-engaged activity that focuses on arts, culture, sports, environment, local food and social encounters. More info on programs here!

Moving Resting Nesting Premiere at the Surrey Spark Stages

Moving Resting Nesting is Foolish Operations’ new creation with and for young children and their adults. The project is a commission of Surrey SPARK Stages in close collaboration with Marnie Perrin.

Dates and times: May 28 and 29 at 2:30pm

This interactive performance is part of Surrey SPARK Stages free outdoors activities at Bear Creek Park – near the Surrey Arts Centre at the Surrey SPARK Stages.

FREE! – with limited capacity – request a spot for your family / bubble when you arrive. No tickets or advance registration, simply come to the Festival! There will be lots to enjoy.

The Surrey SPARK Stages offers a fabulous line-up of performances, including Tweet Tweet, from our Toronto friends Holly Treddenick and Lindsay Goodtimes, a circus performance for the very young. 

Find out more information about Moving Resting Nesting here. Or read Moving Resting Nesting’s Participant Guide here.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Kirouac, a photo of Riz Herboza

Summer Student Position (or young graduate)


Job Posting: Summer Student: Coordination assistant

  •   Program stream: Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages
  •   Job title: Coordination assistant (remote work – from home)
  •   Organization name: Foolish Operations Society
  •   Job Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  •   Duration of employment: 2021-06-07 to 2021-09-10 (16 weeks maximum)
  •   Hourly wage: $ 20.00
  •   30hrs/week

The vision of Foolish Operations is that of people of all generations discovering and creating new dance experiences together.Our mandate is to create contemporary dance experiences with and for audiences of all ages with a specific focus on creation by and with babies, and preschoolers. The candidate will be bilingual (FR/EN) and work closely with the artistic director and communication and program assistants to assist in the coordination of our summer and annual productions, the organization and management of documentation, communications to partners, etc. Also, the assistant will work on managing our contacts and identifying new community partners and designing surveys and statistical reports and testimonials.

The ideal candidate is a college or university student in dance, music, theatre, visual arts or film. The work will be entirely remote (zoom, etc.) and the student will have to provide their own computer and internet access. The candidate will be required to perform a criminal background check. Finally, we are looking for a candidate with strong communication skills and teamwork and very fluid with computer programs.

We would like to work with a student of the Canadian Francophonie from any province. We especially invite applicants from Indigenous communities, members of visible minorities and people living with a disability.

Please visit for more information.
The deadline to apply is May 7, 2021.
Sign-up to Young Canada Works to apply:

Photo credit: Camillia Courts – Vernon and District Performance Arts Centre

Tara Rajah’s mentorship with Foolish Operations

The following paragraphs were written by longtime Foolish Operations collaborator Tara Rajah about her mentorship with Julie Lebel and other members of FO!

My mentorship has been such a fun journey! Julie Lebel and the Foolish Operations team have really helped me develop my project. Environmental Vibrations has been developed as an independent  component within the ongoing Foolish Operations work called Moving, Resting, Nesting. The Environmental Vibrations theme of human migration is integrated into the subjects of birds, movement and home of the Foolish Operations project.

I have performed in the recent Moving Resting and Nesting series which was part of the Surrey Civic Theatre’s Summer Pop festival. This series of performances not only allowed me to gain insight on how to develop my project but also really helped me connect with the Foolish Operations community again and the general public. My collaborator, dancer Kira Radosevic has also been part of this mentorship journey and it’s been a fantastic experience working and learning together with her. Julie has given us advice on how to work out a dance and music score. We have also been mentored by other musicians, composers and dancers on the Foolish Operation team on aspects of dramaturgy, composition, improvisation, performance and audience interaction for the piece.

Through this mentorship, I have been able to learn about the technical aspects of logistics and timetabling. I was able to meet with the Arts & Culture Coordinator at the City of Port Coquitlam where Environmental Vibrations will take place and was guided through discussion about organizing my event. Meeting with the administrators of Port Coquitlam and doing a site visit was important and I learnt about what goes behind the scenes of every community engaged performance. Creating work together and communicating with all these artists and organizers has been a most rewarding experience. I am excited to continue this mentorship with Julie and Foolish Operations and present this work October 2nd at the new Port Coquitlam community centre opening!

Listen to a Radio Canada Interview with Julie Lebel & Tara Rajah from September 27th (in French):

Read an article about the project from the Tri-City News:

More about Environmental Vibrations:

Foolish Operations at the Port Coquitlam Community Centre Opening

Foolish Operations celebrates Port Coquitlam’s Community Centre Opening on October 2nd 2021 with many activities! Here is our schedule, all activities are free, some recommend pre-registration.

Location: 2150 Wilson Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6J5

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Exploring Dance with blankets as families

12:15-1pm in the Dance Studio (next to the gym)

Registration Link

This workshop invited families with children 3-7yrs old to explore movement using a blanket to dance together. This workshop is inspired by the world of birds. Based on principles of creative dance, participants propose their own movement choices. Parents are invited to follow the lead of their children’s movement choices.

Sparrow Song for Cello and Flute

1:30pm and 2pm in the lobby

Tara Rajah (cello) and Sabrina Mo (flute) will perform the Sparrow Song, composed by Matthew Ariaratnam for Foolish Operations’ project Moving Resting Nesting.

Environmental Vibrations

3:20pm, at the entrance of the community centre

Environmental Vibrations is a child-friendly performance project that explores the human connection with nature. It features dancer Kira Radosevic moving to Tara Rajah’s improvisations on the cello followed by a family friendly visual art workshop. This project explores the idea of home. It relates the idea of the global movement of peoples to that of the migration of birds and encourages participants to reflect on the environment they call home through dance and music.

Tara Rajah was mentoring with Foolish Operations’ artists throughout the summer. We are excited to see this project coming to fruition!

Link to Culture Days website, for more information

Watercolour Birds Postcard Making Workshop

4-4:45pm in JB Young Room, mixed ages, starting at 3 years old, children 3-12 yrs with their adults.

Registration Link

Send A Postcard Home! This workshop invites families and groups of friends to create a postcard and send it to any place that they consider home. They can send it to themselves in BC or to a friend or relative in another place that they consider home.

The postcard will be made using a fun watercolour technique involving water inks, pens and crayons to make pictures of birds. Using a large map, the artists will keep a record of all of the places the postcards have ‘flown to’ by marking the location on the map. During the workshop, we hope to share stories of home. The creator of this workshop is a musician, so you may be hearing some cello music during the workshop too!

A “mailbox” will be available for people to put their postcards in if they are okay with us sending them off on their behalf. Participants may also choose to mail the postcard themselves, or take it home with them.

This workshop is designed by Tara Rajah, musician and performer with Foolish Operations since 2016 with the support of Cherry (Wen Wen) Lu, using a bird making watercolour process developed by Cherry with Robin Lough. The workshop is also facilitated by Sarah Dixon, with the support of Kira Radosevic, Julie Lebel and Sarah Gallos.

This presentation is supported through Port Coquitlam’s community Cultural Development Investment Program. We are very grateful for the support!

Photos by Riz Herboza and Julie Lebel

Moberly Story Walk

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In February and March, we hosted our Moving Resting Nesting ‘Story Walk’, a self-guided music and movement outdoor activity! It was wonderful to be able to safely meet and play with families and young children.

In this edition, we focussed on the interactive elements of the project. In the next phases we will overlay the performance elements alongside the interactive Story Walk.

Thanks to the South Vancouver Neighborhood House, the Walter Moberly StrongStart group and our Dancing the Parenting families for joining us in this project and thank you to the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre for hosting us. Thanks to the Langara Recreation Program that allowed us to have student Indigo Grant participate in the realization of this project.

This project was made possible by our wonderful Moving Resting Nesting team: Xin Xuan Song, Indigo Grant, Robin Lough, Sarah Dixon, Cherry Lu, Caroline Liffmann, Isabelle Kirouac, Sarah Gallos, Sophie Brassard, Matthew Ariaratnam, Tara Rajah, Kimira Reddy.

This project was made possible with the financial support of the Canadian Red Cross and also benefited from the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Vancouver, and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

“The highlight was the little nest / tree area with the bird songs. My kids thought it was super magical. They are still listening for bird songs and repeating them when they hear them now when we go for walks.”

“The highlights were the bird nests, observing birds flying and singing, connecting our body with nature.”

Photo Credit: Riz Herboza