Tricoter remounted in Toronto!

In March, we sent out a call for dance artists in Toronto in order to create an Ontario-based team for Tricoter. We’re now pleased to introduce three new members of the growing Foolish Operations team: Phylicia Browne-Charles, Maria Riano and Jamee Valin!

Our professional development week, from Julie Lebel:

“From April 10-17 we held a full week of remount and professional development on zoom to equip three new dancers based in Toronto to perform Tricoter, when we are able to meet audiences again. The week included rehearsals at home with dance mentors Marie-Pier Gilbert and Meredith Kalaman and violinist Clara Rose.

Since we are preparing to present Tricoter for all ages but specifically for very young audiences, we held many workshops dedicated to early years development. Through our partnership with Luna Dance Institute (Berkeley, CA), Jochelle Perenña facilitated a workshop of the concept of neuro-development pathways from 0-5yrs, attachment theory and play theory where we also got to dance together.

One of the highlights for me was a meeting, about mid-week where over 11 artists that have performed Tricoter over the years joined in to share stories about the audiences they met, the places they performed it in to fill the three new dancers with beautiful cumulative memories and context.

We also held an Ensemble Thinking workshop and were supported by two of my fellow Lower Left collective members Margaret Paek (Wisconsin, USA) and Kelly Darlymple-Wass (Berlin, Germany). I was also grateful for associates Caroline Liffmann, Sarah Gallos and Sophie Brassard to hold check-in meetings that have helped set the tone and share collective values of Foolish Operations.

I want to thank everyone for their hard work during that very full week. I am excited to share Tricoter in Toronto when it is safe to meet audiences again and have Phylicia, Jamee and Maria shine among the beautiful colours of Tricoter’s yarn. Thank you Meredith and Marie-Pier for your support in planning that week, it was a lot of work but the careful planning made it enjoyable for all. Finally, I am grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts that made this project possible.”

From our three new artists:

“ My week remounting Tricoter with Foolish Operations was exciting and filled with moments of joy and learning” – Maria Riano

“Dancing for the Toronto remount of Tricoter has been one of the most rewarding experiences of the pandemic for me. I love how we connected with people across the globe, sharing in the love for movement, education and awareness. The group was extremely welcoming, using technology in a way that felt surprisingly organic and fluid. A major highlight was improving to the live music that flooded the Zoom platform from Clara Rose”. – Jamee Valin

“I’m so surprised at the amount of content we were able to fit into pro-d week, without it being overwhelming. Everyone that was a part of it gave great insight to doing Tricoter, and the workshops and discussions around early childhood development helped tremendously to make connections with the audience once we get to perform live in the community.” – Phylicia Browne-Charles

Photo credits: Top photo taken by Jamee Valin, bottom left is of Phylicia Browne-Charles taken by Jessica Chin-King, middle photo of Jamee Valin taken by Kylie Thompson, bottom right of Maria Riano was taken by Aidan Tooth.

Under the Sea

We’re presenting a new creation presented by the City of Surrey Digital Stages

Free Online Event from May 28-June 11, 2021: Under the Sea

Go on a fun adventure! Designed with the very young in mind (age 3 – 7) Under the Sea (Sous la Mer) is a dancing storytime that explores creative movements inspired by sea creatures such as pufferfish, crabs, and sharks. Build a cozy boat with cushions and blankets and dive into your adventure. Baby crabs: can you crawl under your mama crab? Papa sharks: can you follow baby shark where-ever they go? Pufferfishes: how big and how small can you dance?

This enchanting performance filled with music and movement will get the whole family up off the couch and on their feet! This interactive show designed to engage and spark the curiosity of young minds was created by Foolish Operations’ who also created the charming world of Paper Playground, a Surrey International Children’s Festival commission. To watch Under the Sea, tune in to the Digital Stage via the City of Surrey’s YouTube channel, their website, or on Surrey Civic Theatres’ Facebook Page

Quick clicks:

We’ll also be leading a professional development workshop

Creative Movement for Children

Professional Development Workshop, May 26, 2021 at 6:30–7:30pm

This professional development workshop is for early childhood educators, librarians who work with children, early years recreational leaders and parents.

In this session you will learn how to integrate the creative movements of Under the Sea in your practice. This workshop is free and will be led by Julie Lebel and other artists from Foolish Operations. Pre-registration is required.

More details:

  • Direction: Julie Lebel, with the support of Caroline Liffmann and sarah Gallos
  • Featuring: Sarah Gallos
  • Music: Meredith Bates
  • Animations: Jacquie Rolston
  • Editing: Brian Lye
  • Surrey Civic Theatres Community Recording Sessions with: Fernanda Teixeira and Dave Brownell