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Foolish Operations in residency at Riley Park’s Fieldhouse is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board’s Fieldhouse Activation Program which provides project space and access to parks to foster community-engaged activity that focuses on arts, culture, sports, environment, local food and social encounters. More info on programs here!

Foolish Operation’s current creative inquiry is inspired by “moving”, “resting”, and “nesting”. We research creative physical expression (moving), mindfulness practices (resting), and attachment theory (nesting). This includes finding ways to discover and respectfully interact with our environment, birds and trees in particular.

Foolish Operations’ primary creative incubator and learning platform is “Dancing the Parenting”, a program for children 0-5yrs and their caregivers. We explore moving, resting, and nesting through extensive community engaged creative processes. This includes mentorships, performance creation, presentation, conferences, and workshops with communities of various origins in French and English with the support of artists, guest specialists, and knowledge keepers.

Foolish Operations’ team is excited to grow roots and become good neighbours in Riley Park/Little Mountain. Come and see us or leave a note! We will soon post our summer activities on this page, stay tuned!

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