Paper Playground

A playful and interactive dance performance where children are free to join in and explore, because that’s what young ones do best!

Paper Playground is a stimulating experience set on a large paper carpet, created especially for children five and under that is full of dancing, drawing, live music and projections. Fully immersive, Paper Playground welcomes children as true creative collaborators.

Exploring the theme of water with boats, fishes, crabs and sharks, performers use sensory devices and invitations to roll, fall, draw, breathe – to intrigue children into moving with the performers.

Vancouver-based choreographer Julie Lebel, and her Foolish Operations Ensemble/Dancing the Parenting project, create community engaged dances with and for babies, toddlers, children and their caregivers. Paper Playground is designed to be a unique opportunity to share a special moment of discovery for children and their parents/caregivers.

Paper Playground proudly premiered at the Surrey International Children Festival: thank you kids’ fest for sparking the whole idea and helping to make this work for the very young possible. We greatly appreciate your support.

Performance dates, places and touring:

  • Surrey International Children’s Festival, May 25-27, 2017
  • In current discussions with Interior BC presenters for the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.

Creative team:

Julie Lebel (dancer and director), Caroline Liffmann (dancer and rehearsal director ), Meredith Bates (composer and musician), Sarah Gallos (dancer), Sophie Brassard (dancer), Sarah Dixon (dramaturge), Amanda Lye (visual artist), Jacquie Rolston (animator), Jo Leslie (observer and consultant), Emily Neumann (stage manager).

Technical Rider and Full Video Link:

A parent testimony…

“I attended Paper Playground with my daughter at the Surrey Children’s Festival in May 2017.  I was delighted as I watched her engage in this mulit-sensory performance, and I was struck at how clever the construction and pacing of the show matched my 3 1/2 year-old’s development. She seemed to enjoy moving, drawing and exploring the sensory aspects of the paper with the performers, as well as enthusiastically returning to sit with me or other children when invited, to engage as a watcher.

I was impressed with the combination of sensitivity, permission and trust this show places in the intelligence of a group of children to come together and converge and diverge creatively. In this way, Paper Playground is a challenging and cutting-edge performance and I was truly thrilled to attend with my daughter.” Mirae Rosner

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